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Yeah, we're that awesome


Note: this takes place at Pemberley, when Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle first arrive there. It follows a skirmish with "the unmentionables" (zombies).

Elizabeth and Darcy merely looked at one another in awkward silence, until the latter reached both arms around her. She was frozen—"What does he mean to do?" she thought. But his intentions were respectable, for Darcy merely meant to retrieve his Brown Bess, which Elizabeth had affixed to her back during her walk. She remembered the lead ammunition in her pocket and offered it to him. "Your balls, Mr. Darcy?" He reached out and closed her hand around them, and offered, "They belong to you, Miss Bennet." Upon this, they were forced to look away from one another, lest they laugh.

This book is basically awesome. It can't even compare to the original, as it is a whole different story. I want to read through it and finish it, but then it will be over...I just hope Sense and Sensibility and Seamonsters is just as good!


Ways to tell I'm from Novi

Well, I can't do this on Twitter (well, not without annoying the crap out of my few followers).

You May be from Novi If…

1.) You went to meet/hang out with people at 711.
Later replaced by the two Speedways

2.) You claim that 12 Oaks is “Your Mall”
That's why I worked there for three summers, duh

3.) Most of your friends got a car when they turned 16.

4.) You own at least one North Face Fleece.
I think I know more people with them now, but I still don't have one

5.) You remember Bates Hamburgers.
Yes, even though I was still in Walled Lake when it closed

6.) You would switch classes just so you would get into Mr. Fritz’s class
Thankfully, I never had him. See below.

7.) You did push ups or gave Mr. Fritz backrubs for a passing grade.
Tenure at its worst

8.) You remember Erwin Orchards and their free cookies.
WTF, Erwin's had free cookies?? Just FTR, it had moved to South Lyon by the time we were old enough to appreciate it

9.) You miss Arbor Drugs (screw CVS).

10.) Northville SUCKS!!!
Fun fact: there are no Novi kids in the MMB, yet several from Northville. It's the opposite in the SMB. Apparently, we're always rivals.

11.) You went to the football games to talk and stand around.
Or, you know, perform at halftime. But we basically just talked for the rest of the game

12.) Seminar was a time for socializing and playing euchre.
Until they effed it up

13.) You hated and loved block scheduling at the same time.

14.) You hated Dr. Cheal but didn’t really know why.
She was awful! The best thing the district did was can her.

15.) When 8 mile came out you made sure everyone knew that you lived on or near 8 mile (“the good side”).
Thus the Facebook group, "I live by 8 Mile, Yo...8 Mile and Novi Road, that is"

16.) You either love or hate Dave Matthews (no in between).
hate, except for a few songs

17.) Upon meeting new people you sometimes claim to be from “the D” even though you live about 40 minutes from it.
Anyone who does is a poser

18.) You know that Meadowbrook is a speed trap.
I went 10 over once getting to Lauren's house to watch LOST. I don't regret it. They finally upped it from 30 to 35

19.) You know at least 4 people that live in Village Oaks.
Half of Novi lives in VO

20.) You miss the 1 dollar Otis Spunkmeier cookies they sold at the book store but you would only buy the ones that were still warm and gooey.
Ohhh...dude, I miss the old store! Definition of hole-in-the-wall

21.) You’re a snob and you don’t care.
Not me, but almost everyone else, including the vast majority of my graduating class

22.) If you’re a girl you totally ignored the “no tank tops” student code of conduct.
Actually, the one time I tried, they yelled at me. Even thought my friend was doing the same thing and you could see her bra. Idiots.

23.) You thought Officer Hart was an ass and out to get everyone.
Ha, yeah. The next guy, Wilson, was a badass

24.) All the wrestling coaches/teachers were awesome and basically a guaranteed A or B.
I honestly wouldn't know

25.) You or your parents are Republican (with an exception of about 10 people).
I guess I'm one of the ten people?

26.) You knew about 3 black people.
That should read Jewish people - I seriously only know three from Novi

27.) You had a crush on Mr. Langley or Mr. Outlaw
I was only there for one year of Outlaw, and I though Langley was gay the first time I met him

28.) You went to Meijer to just walk around with your friends when you were bored.

29.) You would go to AMC 20 on the weekend nights even if you weren’t going to see a movie.
This list must have been written pre-Emagine

30.) You knew you were going to end up going to MSU, WMU, Central (or if you were one of our many valedictorians) U of M.
YUP! You can add Grand Valley to that list, too. Oh, and they got rid of vals & sals a couple years before me because we had over 100

31.) Everyone you know lives in a sub.
Cedar Springs Estates!

32.) You knew who the narcs were that worked for the cops.
Maybe I would have if I needed to worry about it. Somehow I knew who one of the dealers was.

33.) You remember Paulo the "hall dad"
He was so nice! What happened to him?

34.) You were pissed off when juniors wore their "senior" shirts on the day that the seniors left but then you did it too.
I don't remember being pissed, I just wanted to make "junior" shirts or whatever. There was a whole system: 8th graders became frosh on the first day of school, frosh became sophomores at orientations, sophs became juniors on the last day of school, and the juniors to seniors when the seniors left.

35.) You wished Mrs. Roemer was your counselor.

36.) You got your teeth straightened by Dr. Spillane.
No, because I got braces in Walled Lake so I went to Dr. Hersh. But my bro got his done at Spillane

37.) You think Wixom is ghetto.
Meh, not really, considering I basically grew up there

38.) You know someone who went to Canada when they turned 16 to get something pierced.
Why would they have to go to Canada? Wtf?

39.) "Blue Ribbon school" means something to you.
Because we are one, heck yeah!

40.) You remember playing Dino Park Tycoon, Number Munchers and Oregon Trail on the old school Macs in elementary school.
Even though I went to Walled Lake El, yes I do! Oregon Trail on floppy disk, no less!

I should follow this up with "Ways to tell you go to MSU," hehe.


Hello Again

I think twitter has replaced LJ for me, to some extent...considering that I haven't posted on here since an emo fit five months ago.

Follow Me

Maybe I'll get back to this someday.
The internet is great, but you can't say anything without a million eyes seeing it now. I hate that.

I shouldn't be bummed right now, but I am. *sigh* Internal fights don't help.

Why am I so forgettable?

To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

I keep thinking about getting a Twitter, but I have no idea why. I only know two people who have them (and only one who uses it), so I guess the only real incentive is to be able to say I had it before everyone else - if it catches on. I still don't see how it is any more than a constant stream of Facebook status updates, but I would probably be more apt to post my short musings/random thoughts or events on there. But then the question arises: who would read it? I get about 5 people reading this as it is. And it would just be another huge distraction - Facebook kills enough of my time.

I dunno, thoughts from the peanut gallery? (who tf came up with that phrase, anyways?)

Oh, and I am co-Historian for TBS next year - in charge of web-related things. Look for the resurgance of our web site. w00t!

And Death Cab for Cutie was AWESOME!!!!!


I'm sitting here with a notebook I bought (and doodled over) waaaaayyyy back at the beginning of freshman year. I bought four at the beginning of college, and since then I've only bought one more because a) I never used them up and b) I'm not going to throw away a perfectly good notebook that I got charged out the butt for.

So anyways, from time to time I'll run into things from that first semester. Like the results of our "how gay are you?" quiz from JRN 108 (with Bonnie Bucqueroux!) - I think I scored closer to gay than Amber did, but still pretty straight (even though those boys were convinced I was lesbian just because I like football more than they do).

Then, just now, I glanced down at the back of the notebook I'm doing my scheduling in, and I see this list of things that I wrote on the desk in ISB 202 (H): "Defy Gravity," "no day but today," "measure your life in love," "Oh what? 06!," the letters for Gamma Phi Beta and Tau Beta Sigma, The Shield (note: I was not a member of TBS or the SMB, or even State of Art, at the time)....and "I <3 CMP."

WOW. How things have changed! It's probably good I didn't set up my LJ til the following semester - no one would have wanted to read that crap. I mean, I do still love Chad, just not THAT kind of love - that has been reserved to someone else. It's also weird to think that was freshman year, my first semester at MSU, and now I'm planning out my last two. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago!

Now I want to go the basement of Olds Hall, find that desk, and change it: "I <3 TLD"


WGI 2009

Exactly one week ago, I was asleep - or at least in bed, because I know I had a hard time falling asleep. I was too excited!

You see, exactly one week ago, we were sitting on top of Independent A class after prelims with a 92.3. HOLY CRAP!!!! And it wasn't even our greatest run! I was freaking out and biffed my first three tosses, Krysette was sick and dropped her first one, random other crap happened...yeah, it wasn't as good as States, but we managed to score 5 points higher. (Says a lot about the judging between MCGC and WGI - technically, they should be the same, but they aren't. Usually your scores are inflated in Michigan over WGI, but GE seems to have more weight in Michigan at times.)

Semi-Finals was even better. Then, we actually had a great run. Little things here and there, but nothing major. Erica had a beyond awesome recovery. Ancora and Interplay Open were there to watch us - and so was Betsy!!! So I had a good run - all the weapons did. Scores were a bit lower overall, but we still got a 91.8 and were still first going in to FINALS!!!

FINALS. We were first going in to FINALS. We just wanted to MAKE Finals! And we were seeded first? Holy crap!

Not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous for Finals - but the good kind. My warm-up pretty much sucked, but I knew if I pushed too hard in there, it was only going to stress me out going on to the floor (as I discovered at Prelims, telling me to calm down only makes me freak out more).

And I was right! We had an almost flawless run through. I guess Semi's was cleaner, but the energy for Finals was beyond belief and Part 5 was the best it's ever been (according to Peter). Tom said that if the roof was any lower, we would have blown it off :D I guess we had a weird flag drop, and I missed one little thing on saber but we're hidden anyways in that part, so I'm pretty happy with how it went down.

On the floor for Awards, I was still in shock. I was down on the floor for WGI Awards!!!! For the past two years, I've looked down on those guards in awe - and now I was one of them (regardless of class). The whole time I was just thinking they would announce us at any point during awards. I knew better than to hold out for first, but I reallllly wanted it. Suffice to say, I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when they got to the silver medal, and announced Salem Blue instead of State of Art.

You know what that means? STATE OF ART IS THE 2009 INDEPENDENT A WORLD CHAMP!!!!!! That's beyond anything I could have expected this season, and I am so thrilled. I still can't believe it! Yeah, so what if it's A class and no one really pays attention to it? That's where some of the current World guards got their start (and pretty much all of the Open guards).

This also means that we got promoted to Open class!!!! AHHHHH!!!! I better go start practicing my 5s.

Basically, the summary of this entire post is: I got the best birthday present EVER.

Oh, and Mindi says we're winning World class next year :D

Chasing A Dream...

I'm going to WGI in two days. TWO DAYS.

I think I can actually count it in hours now. Hmm, let's see...31 hours.


*geeking out*

Come see us tomorrow/Wednesday/today (depending on when you see this) - 7:45ish in Dem Hall. It's your last chance to see us being awesome in East Lansing.


I cost $1725

Found this randomly on Facebook. Kinda cool...but makes me wonder how they came to assigning a certain value to each quality.

How much are you worth?

Natural Hair Color:
[ ] Redhead/auburn - $50
[x] Brunette - $75
[ ] Blonde - $50
[ ] Black - $15
[ ] Bald - $5
[ ] other-$100

Total: $75

Eye Color:
[ ] Blue - $100
[x] Green - $75
[ ] Brown - $50
[ ] Hazel - $25
[ ] Other - $15

Total: $150

[ ] 6′8″ to 7′ - $175
[ ] 6′0″ to 6′7″ - $150
[x] 5′5″ to 5′11″ - $75
[ ] 5′0″ to 5′4″ - $45
[ ] Under 5′ - $35

Total: $225

[ ] 30 to 40 - $100
[ ] 25 to 30 - $75
[x] 20 to 24 - $50
[ ] 18 to 20 - $25
[ ] 0 to 17 - $15

Total: $275

Current Education:
[ ] PhD - $500
[ ] Masters - $450
[ ] Bachelors - $400
[ ] Associates - $350
[x] In College/Some College - $300
[ ] High School Graduate - $250
[ ] High School - $200
[ ] Middle school - $150
[ ] High School Dropout - $100
[ ] Jr. High - $50
[ ] What is School - $Bankrupt$

Total: $575

Birth Order:
[ ] Twins or more than twins - $300
[x] First Born - $300
[ ] Only Child - $250
[ ] Second born-$150
[ ] Middle child -$100
[ ] Last Born - $50
[ ] Adopted -

Total: $875

(Why is there no value for adopted????? That's cruel!)

[ ] Never - $300
[ ] Only Holidays - $250
[x] Sometimes - $200
[ ] Every other week - $150
[ ] Every other day - $50
[ ] Once a day - $15
[ ] I live from the bottle - $Bankrupt$

Total: $1075

[x] No correction $75
[ ] Glasses $50
[ ] Contacts $25
[ ] Surgical correction $10

Total: $1150

Car Color (you can choose multiple colors)
[ ] Gold - $700
[ ] Grey - $600
[ ] Blue - $500
[ ] White - $475
[ ] Black - $450
[ ] Red - $400
[ ] Green- $350
[ ] Silver - $300
[ ] Purple- $250
[ ] Metallic - $200
[ ] Yellow - $100
[ ] Primer - $75
[ ] Rusted - $15
[x] No Car - $0

Total: $1150

Shoe Size:
[ ] 13+ - $300
[ ] 11 to 12 - $200
[x] 7 to 10 - $100
[ ] Under 7 - $50

Total: $1250

Room Color (can be multiple colors):
[ ] Black - $500
[x] Blue - $475
[ ] Brown - $450
[ ] Purple - $425
[ ] White - $400
[ ] Green - $350
[ ] Orange - $300
[ ] Yellow - $200
[ ] Pink - $100
[ ] Other - $50

Total: $1725

(What the hell does the color of your room have to do with anything? Are we being judged on good/poor taste?)

Ok, that was dumb.


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